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Rakuten Kobo - "Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company" - Paperback

Rakuten Kobo - "Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company" - Paperback

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Looking to become an entrepreneur and start your own business? Before you take on your new venture learn the harsh reality of what it takes to succeed. Or maybe you are a business owner that wants to amplify or grow your existing company, but do not have the money here are some ways to achieve that growth without using physical capital. Or maybe you are someone that wants to grow within your current company, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company” has the secrets or “know how” for you to achieve success.


This book is a conversational style "How to Book" that teaches you from personal stories and real life examples from the creative genius, Tommy Swanhaus. The digital marketing, social media, and branded content expert uses his own marketing and entrepreneurial career triumphs and defeats to give the reader a plan and strategy to grow their career and company. This is an action oriented book that will allow you to walk away from it with “know how” to apply right away to either your new business, grow your existing business, or become a better employee at your company.

Tommy Swanhaus illustrates the power of marketing and how to effectively and effeciently use it today with social media, digital marketing, public relations, content creation, etc. This is a fun read that is will give Venture Capitalist and investors insight into entrepreneurs and business owners.

This book is wonderful for the individual that is looking to start their own business, grow their career, or amplify their company's revenue and brand.


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