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The Best-Selling Author Bio of Tommy Swanhaus

Tommy Swanhaus (born July 14) is an American media executive, creative genius, global entrepreneur, top influencer, best selling author, and social media/digital marketing expert. Swanhaus created and sold his first TV show when he was 25 years old. He sold twelve episodes of the series to TLC, which is part of Discovery Communications. Tommy Swanhaus has created what was declared the first success on the mobile platform for the brand Playboy. The non-nudity series, "Playboy Interns" is notable for its partnership with the conservative cell phone carrier AT&T, along with winning MIN's Integrated Marketing Award and being nominated for a People's Choice Streamy Award.

Tommy Swanhaus signed one of the first content partnerships with Google and YouTube, which has put him in the Google history books. He then created one of the first film streaming platforms years before Amazon and Netflix where household names. In less than two years, he grew the platform to 110 countries and 26 different languages. Tommy Swanhaus then used his streaming platform, The FreeStyle Life to launch an online film festival with premieres, live Q & As, voting by the viewers, etc. The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition became one of the top 10 film festivals in terms of web traffic in its first year, which put it in the same tier as Toronto, Cannes, Sundance, etc. Tommy Swanhaus was one of the first to figure out how to stream video/film to your phone and also makes video play on a mobile website, which have become the norm today.

Tommy Swanhaus has evolved his career into Tommy Swanhaus Co. The company focuses on content creation and then amplification through social media, digital, and mobile. Tommy Swanhaus was selected as one of "The 50 Leading Companies of the Year" 2018 by The Silicon Review. Tommy Swanhaus Co. was selected as a one of the "Top 10 Smartest Companies of the Year 2019" by The CEO Views. Tommy Swanhaus is also ranked in the top .005% for Influencers worldwide. He is one of the "Top 100 Marketing and Advertising Leaders" in the world. Tommy Swanhaus will be awarded for his contributions and achievements to the industry at the Marketing and Advertising Conference in Las Vegas this Fall.

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